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Cut Costs:

Hiring your own in-house accounts payable
staff, as well as all the equipment and
programs that are necessary for the process,
can be very costly.  However, by outsourcing,
you can have experienced, equipped professionals do the same job at a lower cost.

The automated processes and experience
of a service provider can get your work
done quicker and more accurately than
a small in-house staff can.
Constant Coverage:

With an in-house AP staff, a supervisor would
be responsible for managing scheduling
and handling issues if employees are out.
An outsourcing firm cross-trains multiple
employees on accounts and maintains
common standards. You never have you
worry about being left uncovered!
Automated Tracking:

Even though the work is being done off-site,
modern technology allows you to track
each step of the AP process instantly
so you are never left in the dark.
Many small Business organizations have understood that their Business can work more efficiently if they
outsource Accounts payable. By outsourcing, the Manager can concentrate fully on his core task.
Even the HR would be free from  finding such candidates who have the required skill and education for the job
of accounts payable. This entire burden can be reduced by simply outsourcing the accounts payable.
Leave your Accounts Payables with
Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Payables

Loss of Control:

When you outsource your AP process to a
third-party, you do give up a degree of
control and visibility when it comes to
how your AP is being handled.


If you outsource your accounts payable,
you will depend completely on that company
to do vital work.  If something were to happen
to them (bankruptcy, security breach, etc.),
your AP would be put at risk.


Run your business.
Leave your Accounts Payables with us.
Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Payables
The Cons of Outsourcing Accounts Payables

While the dangers that could come with outsourcing your accounts payable are serious, with the right provider you can benefit from all the pros without worrying about the cons. LetsQBO is dedicated to minimizing risk and maximizing results for all our customers.
It's easy to lose track of money in an Accounts Payable department as your company grows, especially if you're still using a paper system. High numbers of transactions and more operational complexity make keeping track of payment cycles challenging, and increases the risk of errors like duplicate payments, overpayments, or missed payments. An AP department that isn't running smoothly will cost your company money.
In any organization mismanagement of accounts payable may affect the functioning of accounting process and hence provides incomplete information as regard to total liabilities.

Financial Reports proved that accounts receivable and payable are one of the most outsourced accounting services being hired by any enterprise. Now-a-days most of the organizations prefer to outsource their accounts payable work to offshore destination. By outsourcing accounts payable job, organizations may get advantage of faster and efficient work at very affordable fee.

We have the solution to your needs, our pricing is reasonable and we work on your budget.
Keeping track of Payment Cycles is challenging!
Let us Process your Bills for you.
While you focus on your business.
An AP department that is not running smoothly will cost your company money.
Accounts Payable Flow

Timely and Accurate financial
statements every month

With us, you can count on your books being
up-to-date and finished on time, every time.
Bookkeeping is the last thing you want to be
worrying about. Bring it to us.

Year End Support

Neatly organized year-end financials.
We will determine the necessary adjusting entries
to generate reports but not limited to your
Depreciations Schedule, List of Properties, etc.

Tax time support

We don't want you to worry about filing your
taxes, so we'll work directly with your
Tax Accountant or you can avail of our tax
services as well. We make  sure that
tax season goes smoothly.


Account Payable Outsourcing can enable you to:

        Maximize Profit: The first and foremost benefit of outsourced accounts payable is that it helps to enhance the working capital of the business and ensures its optimal use.

        Reduce Processing Costs:  With the help of Accounts payable automation, you can easily reduce the cost
of processing. It helps in minimizing the total time required to complete the transaction.

Avoid Late Payment Fees and Penalties: Reminders and scheduling facility keep you up to date about your
future payments and gives you the freedom from late payment penalties.

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   How does accounts outsourcing process work?

   We use a simple 3 step process for accounts outsourcing.

   Step 1:
   We will setup a secure Dropbox or Google drive account in the cloud to receive all your accounting related  
   information from you. (credit card, bank statements etc.,).

   Step 2:
   We will verify your information and start the accounting tasks.
   We will communicate with you if we have any questions and seek any missing information.

   Step 3:
   We will complete your accounting jobs and send your reports.
   We will also prepare any custom reports for your company and answer any of your questions.

   I own a small business. Will outsourcing work for us?

   Yes, absolutely.
works just as well for small businesses as it does for large corporate companies.

   What is your accounting and tax software expertise?

   We have experience with all the most commercial accounting and tax software.
   Quickbooks, either desktop or online,  is our preferred accounting software.
   For tax software, we do ProSeries, Drake and Turbo Tax.
   We can work with your preferred tax software too.

   Where are you located?

   Our head office is located at Annapolis, Maryland.
   Our offshore centers are located in the Philippines.

   Can you send an accountant to work from our office?

   For now, only in Maryland clients we are able to send you an accountant.
   Hopefully this will change in the near future.

   How will you handle the transition of work?

   The transition depends on the nature and complexity of your work.
   Simpler tasks can be transitioned via web conferencing.
   For complex transitions, we can send our staff to your office for transition or vice versa.
These are suggested process flow not necessary to follow in every case.  We can always customize to fit to your needs. Accounting is considered an art because it requires the use of skills and creative judgment.  We will work with you.
We offer Bookkeeping Packages to complete your accounting process.
Find out which one would fit your reporting needs.

Maria Lourdes L. Filoteo,  Marillou to friends,  is a Certified Public  
    Accountant (CPA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and
   an  Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor 2017.

    Marilou is licensed to practice in the State of Pennsylvania and Maryland
    USA.The online-access-anywhere nature of QuickBooks Online allows us
    to serve you as your online bookkeeper where ever you are in the world
    as long as there is the Internet.

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